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10 Pet Microchips Needle Only - Mini 1.4 x 8mm

Regular price £25.00

***Certificated implanters/PetScanner Implanter Course Students only***

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a new microchip customer, you will be asked to supply PetScanner with proof of certification as a microchip implanter. If you are unable to supply us with sufficient supporting documentation of your certification as a microchip implanter, we will be unable to provide you with microchips and your order will be cancelled. Alternatively, if you are in the process of taking the PetScanner Implanter Training Course, you will need to be at the practical stage with the full balance paid before proceeding with ordering this pack. 

PetScanner Needle Only Microchips to be used with the PetScanner Implant Gun. These microchips may fit other Implant Guns, please reach out to us to confirm. 

Mini 1.4mm x 8mm

Bulk veterinary/breeder pack of 10 units

Ready-to-use syringe type injector preloaded with a 8 mm 134,2 kHz ISO 11784/5 ISO compliant RFID transponder fitted with an anti-migration cap.

Injector is in a sterile, sealed pouch with 8 bar code/ID code labels. Expiry date and lot number is available at request. 

Transponder: 1.4mm x 8mm, bio-compatible glass.
Anti-migration cap: Polypropylene sheath constructed from medical grade polymer.
Needle: 25 mm needle made of stainless steel, siliconized.
Needle Cap: Polypropylene needle cover, 50 mm in length